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Omar Naber after 2005 again on his wa...

24.02.2017 | News

Omar Naber has won the Slovenian national selection, EMA, and will represent the country in 2017 in the Eurovision Song Contets wirth the song On My Way. read more

Claudia Faniello for Malta at Kyiv

19.02.2017 | News

Claudia Faniello has won the Maltese national selection with the Song Breathlessly and will represent Malta in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. read more

Kasia Moś for Poland at Kyiv

18.02.2017 | News

Kasia Mos won the Polish national selection with the song Flashlight and will represent Poland in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest at Kyiv. read more

Joci Pápai is Hungary's choice for E...

18.02.2017 | News

Joci Papal has won Hungarian national selection for Eurovision Song Contest, A Dal 2017, with the Song Origo. He will represent Hungary in Kyiv. read more

Jacques Houdek for Croatia

17.02.2017 | News

The Croatian broadcaster HRT has announced that Jacques Houdek will represent the country in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. read more

Imri for Israel at Kiyv

16.02.2017 | News

Imri Ziv has won Israels national selection, The Next Star for Eurovision, and will represent the country in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv. read more

Francesco Gabbani for Italy at Kyiv

12.02.2017 | News

The winner of Sanremo 2017 accepts the opportunity to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest read more

Manel Navarro to represent Spain in K...

11.02.2017 | News

Spanish national final for the Eurovision Song Contest finished in Madrid with the proclamation of Manel Navarro as the winner after a very tight voting which finished in a tie between two acts, Manel and Mirela. read more

Alma for France with Requiem

10.02.2017 | News

The upcoming young talent Alma will fly the flag for France in Kyiv with her song Requiem which was written and composed by Nazim Khaled. read more
26 entries in 2017 found.

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